Table Mountain hike time info for hikers

Table Mountain hike time

In this post, I list popular hike routes on Table Mountain and provide information on the Table Mountain hike time, distances, difficulty levels and more. Hopefully you will find this helpful.

There are many tourists that simply want to tick this adventure off their bucket list and get up Table Mountain. They want the fastest hike up Table Mountain; they want to get it done! And fair enough, any Table Mountain hiking route is better than taking the cable car (hiking fanatic alert).

Then, you have hikers and nature lovers who want to take their time to hike Table Mountain. This is the way to go, in my opinion, as the longer you hike and the further you go, the more you are going to see. Table Mountain has so much to offer and is by no means the same all over. Instead, it is diverse in appearance, terrains and plant life, with gorgeous skies and views that change as you hike over to different sides.

Table Mountain hike time – How long does it take to hike up Table Mountain?

Generally, half-day Table Mountain hikes through Hike Addicts take less than three hours. They cover a distance of approximately three kilometres. While these hikes are shorter and take less time to complete, they are typically steeper and can be physically challenging. On our half-day hikes on Table Mountain, we hike up the front face of the mountain and look down over the city of Cape Town and the Atlantic coast.

Our full-day hikes up Table Mountain take about five hours to complete and cover roughly five kilometres. These Table Mountain hikes show you a lot more of the mountain than half-day hikes and are often technically challenging. The hikes normally take you up the eastern slopes or western slopes of the Table Mountain range. Then, we hike over Table Mountain’s “Back Table”, which has an abundance of flora

Hikes up Table mountain
Back Table view from Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Popular Table Mountain hike options

These are the best Table Mountain hikes and thus the most popular amongst hikers. Note that the Table Mountain hike time information below factors in a relatively good hiker fitness level.

Hiking route: Platteklip Gorge
Start: The Plaettklip Gorge hike start point is on Tafelberg Road, 1.5 km  from the cable car station.
Platteklip Gorge hike time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically easy but physically challenging.
Terrain: A clear well-maintained path, stair-like route and large rocks.
Short description: Platteklip Gorge is the easiest, quickest and shortest route up Table Mountain and covers a distance of 2.5 km. Although Platteklip Gorge a easy route up Table Mountain it is still physically demanding. The hike often referred to as more boring and less scenic than other routes up Table Mountain, although it is still a great hike with beautiful rock formations.

Hiking route: India Venster
Start: The India Vesnter Hike start on the contour path directly behind the the Lower Cable car station on Tafelberg Road.
India Venster hike time: 3 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically challenging and physically challenging.
Terrain: A single rock path, large rock stairs and rock scrambles.
Short description: India Venster is an advanced Table Mountain hike consisting of rock scrambles and exposure to heights. The route is an adventurous one that rewards hikers with exceptional views and an enjoyable terrain.

India Venster hike time
Hiking up Table Mountain via the India Venster route.

Hiking route: Kasteelspoort to Cable Car Station
Start: Kasteelspoort start point is along the Pipe Track and the entrance is on Theresa Avenue, Camps Bay
Kasteelspoort hike time: 4.5 hours
Difficulty level: The Kasteelspoort route is technically relatively easy and physically it is a challenging route where a good fitness level is required..
Terrain: A Jeep track, stair-like terrain, single rock path and ladders.
Short description: An awesome hike up the 12 Apostles range, once at the top the route leads through the valleys of the ‘Back Table’ to the main Table Mountain plateau. This route offers magnificent views and has a wide variety of Table Mountain flora.

Hiking route: Skeleton Gorge to Maclear’s Beacon
Start: The Skeleton Gorge hike start point is at Kirstenbosch Gardens, and dverts off the contour path above the gardens.
Skeleton Gorge hike time: 5 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically moderate with minor rock scrambles up the river bed, but it is physically challenging.
Terrain: A single rock path with loose rocks, a riverbed and ladders.
Short description: A hike up Table Mountain’s eastern slopes through indigenous forest. The hike starts at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and ends at the highest point on Table Mountain. The hiking route is steep and shady most the way up, although it can get hot and humid in the hotter summer months.

Table Mountain hikes
The Skeleton Gorge Hike up Table Mountain.

Additional popular Table Mountain hikes in Cape Town

Hiking route: Tranquillity Cracks via Corridor Ravine
Start: The Pipe Track
Hike time: 5 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically easy but physically challenging.
Terrain: A Jeep track, a single rock path, large rock stairs and boulders.
Short description: Hike up Corridor Ravine through the 12 Apostles. Tranquillity Cracks is a magical hidden location on Table Mountain. It consists of huge sandstone boulders and Yellowwood trees forming cracks, caves and passages leading to spectacular view points over Camps Bay and the Atlantic coastline.

Hiking route: Woody Ravine
Start: The Pipe Track
Table Mountain hike time: 4.5 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically moderate but physically challenging.
Terrain: A Jeep track, a single rock path, large rock stairs, loose rocks and sands.
Short description: A direct and steep 12 Apostles route through a foresty, wet ravine. Often described as the steepest of the several routes leading off the Pipe Track. It is shady in sections throughout the day.

Hiking route: Devil’s Peak
Start: Rhodes Memorial
Hike time: 6 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically difficult and physically challenging.
Terrain: A single rock path, large rock stairs, boulders, rock scrambles, edges and exposure to heights.
Short description: There are many ways up to Devil’s Peak but none are more exciting than Mowbray Ridge, the knife edge path and direct route to take you up. A thrilling hike with views of the two oceans, this hike is for the more experienced hikers with a head for heights and an exceptionally good fitness level.


Table Mountain hikes on the western slopes

Hiking route: Cecilia Waterfall
Start: Entrance to Cecilia State Forest
Hike time: 2 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically easy but physically moderate.
Terrain: A well-worn path, log steps, gravel road and a riverbed.
Short description: Hike through Cecilia Ravine, passing huge blue gum trees and indigenous vegetation. This Table Mountain hike on the eastern slopes leads to a majestic waterfall in a tranquil spot with splendid views.

Hiking route: Skeleton Gorge and Nursery Ravine
Start: Entrance to Kirstenbosch Gardens
Table Mountain hike time: 3.5 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically moderate but physically challenging.
Terrain: Ladders, log steps, a rocky riverbed, a single path, wet and steep.
Short description: Hike up and down the two most popular routes on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. These slopes boast the presence of shade all day long from a beautiful forest made up of a wide variety of indigenous trees, such as the milkwood, red alder, wild peach, yellowwood and more.

Hiking route: Constantia Nek to Table Mountain dams
Start: Constantia Nek parking lot
Hike time: 4.5 hours
Difficulty level: The route is technically easy but physically challenging.
Terrain: A Jeep track, a single rock path and large rock stairs.
Short description: Hike to the five dams on Table Mountain and find yourself amongst the lovely landscapes of the Back Table. This hike takes you to the peaceful parts of the mountain and has excellent photo locations.

Constantia Nek hike time
A Constantia Nek Table Mountain hike.

Table Mountain safety rules

1. Never hike alone; four is the ideal number of members for a Table Mountain hiking group.
2. Choose your hiking route according to your ability, fitness and experience.
3. Use a guidebook or go with somebody who knows the route and Table Mountain hike time.
4. Ensure that at least one member of the group has a fully charged cell phone.
5. Always go prepared for bad weather.
6. Tell someone exactly where you are going and stick to the plan.
7. Travel at the pace of the slowest member of the group.
8. Never split up and go in different directions.
9. Do not explore the unknown.
10. If you are unsure of what to do, then find shelter (especially from the wind) and stay put.

Emergency phone numbers for Table Mountain hikers

METRO Emergency Medical Services (includes Mountain Rescue): 021 937 0300
METRO General Emergency Number: 021 480 7700 (from mobile phone)
Table Mountain Emergency: 086 110 6417
SAP Cape Town Central: 021 467 8001/2
SAPS Mountain Patrol Vehicle: 082 411 2401
Flying Squad (SAPS): 10111
NSRI: 082 911
Tygerberg Poison Information Centre: 021 931 6129

Interested in booking a half-day hike or full-day hiking tour up Table Mountain? Need more Table Mountain hike time information? Check out our hikes or contact Hike Addicts for assistance.

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