This hiking route takes us up the 12 Apostles and summits on Table Mountain. Kasteelspoort is found on the western slopes of the Table Mountain and is often described as the most popular and enjoyable accent up the Twelve Apostles.

Time: 4.5 hours

Distance: 6 km

Difficulty: Challanging

Terrain: Jeep track, single rocky track, stone steps, ladders

Table Mountain Kasteelspoort

Kasteelspoort Hike Description

Kasteelspoort is steep. But it is not as steep and direct as most the northern and eastern routes and doesn’t feel like a constant slump. That is what we like best about this hike. The route has very little exposure to heights or edges and has a rocky stair like terrain. A relatively good fitness level is required for the ascent and we will have a more level terrain at the top of the mountain. We will then head to the summit where 3 ladders will help us along the way.

This Table Mountain hiking route is a great way to get away from the crowds, especially in the busy summer months.

The route starts off at the Pipe Track entrance in Camps Bay. The Pipe Track is a good warm up before we ascent to the summit. This is a truly beautiful Table Mountain hike with loads to offer. As we accent through the fynbos-filled ravine, we pass impressive rock formations and exquisite cliffs, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Just past the halfway mark, you’ll run into ‘the flat rock’. A good resting point, and even better lookout spot. We take a timeout here to recharge and soak in the beauty. It’s one of the most spectacular viewpoints on Table Mountain and looks across the mountain over Camps Bay and Lion’s Head.

Once at the top, the cliffs to the right face over Kasteelspoort. And across the Atlantic coast, you will find another spectacular viewing point and great photo location. Here you will find the remains of an old steam engine cable car, assembled in the 1890’s. The old cable car ruin makes a very scenic location and ideal picnic spot.

We then head through the spectacular landscapes of the Back Table, through the Valley of Red Gods, into the Valley of Isolation to the Upper cable car station. Here we will enjoy the 360-degree view of Cape Town before we take a ride back down in the cable car.

Best Time To Hike Kasteelspoort

This route is shaded in the mornings and receive direct sunlight throughout the day. So, hiking early in the morning is the time of choice during the hot summer months.

From Our Hiking Adventures

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  • We start our hikes at 06:30 – 07:30 am.
  • Our guide will be waiting at the meeting point for you.


  • The hike takes about 4 hours to complete.
  • Time spent at the top after the hike is up to you.
  • We take the cable car down

Meeting and Parking

  • We will meet at the Pipe Track entrance in Theresa Ave, Camps Bay.
  • There is parking alongside the road, but remember that we will finish the hike at the lower cable car station.


Theresa Avenue, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

T's & C's

  • Prices exclude cable car tickets down which can be bought at the top after the hike.
  • Group hikes stay small and we only pair up if fitness levels and expectations match.


Group hike Private hike
R1650 per person R2250 per person

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