Guided Table Mountain Hikes

Nothing beats a guided Table Mountain hike in Cape Town, South Africa. Hiking up Table Mountain is an indescribable experience, the tranquillity, the scenery, the bond you have with the mountain is unreal and you just don’t get that if you choose the easy way out. Making use of the cable car. Our various guided Table Mountain hikes offer somewhat a different experience altogether. Some hikes are for the more adventurous hikers and some are more suited for the nature lovers, that love to admire the smaller things in life. Some hiking routes on Table Mountain can get busy, while some are quieter and you may not see a person in sight. It really just depends on personal preference, and what you as an individual wish to get out of your hiking experience.

  • Select a guided Table Mountain hike from the list below. We accommodate all levels of fitness and experience.

  • View the itinerary, galleries and full hike details by clicking on the images and links provided below.

  • Cable car tickets are excluded in the price and can be purchased at the top after the hike.

Table Mountain Hikes

These guided hikes go to the top of Table Mountain. We hike up and take the cable car back down.

India Venster

This is our most recommended half-day Table Mountain hike. This hike is fun and adventurous with incredible views over the city and the Atlantic Ocean. On this route we scramble over rock faces which provides an element of heights and exposure.

Time: 3 hours


Our most recommended full-day Table Mountain guided hike. You’ll see the most spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean. Hike through valleys with incredible scenery and enjoy the end result of being on top of Table Mountain.

Time: 3 hours

Platteklip Gorge

This is best if you are short on time, and not up for too much adventure. This hiking route is steep, direct and takes you up the mountain, the quickest. You will see impressive rock formations, but views are restricted with this route.

Time: 3 hours

Skeleton Gorge

This hike is a little different from the rest. Hike through the indigenous forest up the eastern slopes of Table Mountain with views over False Bay. However, you will not have views of the famous Atlantic coast with this hike.

Time: 3 hours

Alternate Hiking Routes

These are alternate hiking routes around the range and do not summit on Table Mountain.

Tranquillity Cracks

This guided hike, takes you to the secret hidden gems as we explore the more peaceful and remote parts of the Table Mountain range. The guided hike does not summit on Table Mountain, and we do not take the Cable Car down.

Time: 5 hours

Table Mountain hike

Camps Bay to Kirstenbosch

On this route we hike from Camps Bay over the back of Table Mountain into Kirstenbosch Gardens. This hike showcases the unique features of the western and eastern slopes of the range. The hike does not summit on Table Mountain

Time: 6 hours

Pipe Track

This route does not go all the way up. It is an easy guided hike along the foot of the western slopes of Table Mountain. This is a great hike for those wanting to see Table Mountain without a strenuous hike to the summit.

Time: 3 hours

Top Circuit Hike

This guided Table Mountain hike takes place on the top of Table Mountain, but first we take the cable car up. On this hike we stroll the around the summit and venture away from the regular tourist hub. We then take the cable car down.

Time: 3 hours

Hikes in Cape Town

These hikes do not go to the top of Table Mountain, these are other hikes around Cape Town.

Cape Point

This guided hike takes you to the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula. This hike takes place along the rugged coastline of one of the country’s most scenic destinations. Expect endless views, scenery and wildlife.

Time: 5 hours

le Mountain hike South Africa

Lions Head

This guided hike takes place on Table Mountains sister peak. This is a spiral hike with breath-taking views over the City of Cape Town, Table Mountain and the Atlantic seaboard. Best hiked at sunrise.

Time: 3 hours

Table Mountain hike

Chapmans Peak, Cape Point

This hike showcases the beauty of the Cape Peninsula. We visit Cape Point and Chapmans peak and explore the mind-blowing surrounding on their hiking trails. Be prepared for exquisite views and mind-blowing scenery.

Time: 8 hours

Sunrise day hikes Cape Town

Lions Head, Cape Point

This hike combination takes you from the northern point to the Southern tip of the Cape Peninsula. On these two guided hikes we hike to the top of Lions head at sunrise and then drive to Cape Point to explore its hiking trails.

Time: 8 hours

Table Mountain hiking information

With the statistics show that more people die on Table Mountain than on Mount Everest, it is clearly important to know what you are getting yourself into.  And that you are choosing a guided Table Mountain hike that will match your ability. However, don’t let this statement put you off as there are many hiking routes and there is something for everybody. We do, like to emphasize the point that careful planning and preparation is essential if you are thinking of taking a hike up Table Mountain.

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    What to Bring

    On your Table Mountain hike make sure you bring at least 1.5 litres of water and you may bring snacks to eat along the way. Wear comfortable loose clothing, good trainers or hiking shoes. In summer always bring a light jacket or warm layer even if it is forecast to be hot as it can still get cool at the top if the mist comes in. Read more

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    We are aware that there are probably a million and one things you would like to know and prepare for before getting ready to hike up Table Mountain. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you plan your Table Mountain hike. Read more

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    Table Mountain is not one to be toyed with. It is standing tall at 1087 m above sea level, with its large rocks, vertical cliffs, cutting edges and sudden drops. You need to give this mountain respect and approach it with caution. Saftey is the number one priority. Read more

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    Scrambling on Table Mountain is fun and adventurous, but it is important to know what you are getting into. Scrambling is a common term often used when describing many Table Mountain hiking routes. Read more

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    Over the years our guided Table Mountain hikes have become popular and our team has grown. At Hike Addicts, we are lucky enough to have an amazing team of Table Mountain hiking guides, each and everyone passionate about what we do and where we hike. Read more

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    Weather Advice

    If you are visiting Cape Town, it is always best to plan your Table Mountain hike around the weather conditions. Schedule your hike or tour early into your stay, and leave time to account for the frequently changing Table Mountain weather conditions. Too many visitors take chances with poor planning in regards to weather. Read more

How it works

Booking a guided Table Mountain hike with us is easy. Read through our detailed hike descriptions and Itineraries. We have made it easy for you highlighting our most recommended hikes and provided a bundle of information on each one. We provide private and group hikes. Choose your route and fill out the booking form, answering all of the questions. We will be back in touch in just a minute to assist you with any questions and personal requests or if you are ready we will book you straight in.

On the morning of the hike you will meet one of our amazing Table Mountain hiking guides at the start point. A hike brief and introduction will start the day and then we will begin our hiking adventure up Table Mountain.

Let our guides lead the way. Our experienced guides will take you on an adventure of a lifetime, sharing their extensive knowledge about all the weird and wonderful things Table Mountain has to offer. Our Table Mountain guided hikes are fun, safe and informative. After the hike we will take the cable car down. The cable car does not run in strong wind conditions and in this case we will hike back down.

Learn more about Table Mountain before you go

Table Mountain must be the most interesting Mountain on earth. It is a hiker’s paradise with dozens of different hiking routes. And it has more flora species in one populated area than anywhere else in the world, and it’s known to be over 500 million years old. Learn more about Table Mountain before your hike and then let our guides put it all into perspective.