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Our highly qualified Table Mountain hiking guides have years of knowledge and experience and know all the ins and outs when it comes to hiking up Table Mountain. We know the best routes and specialize in pairing you together with a hike that best suits you and your expectations.

Being a Cape Town local and growing up in a suburb literally on the foot of the mountain, Ryan founder of Hike Addicts spent his childhood exploring the mountain, hiking up at an age as early as 13 years old, giving him more than 20 years of hiking Table Mountain experience. Lover of nature and the outdoors he loves nothing more than to share his knowledge and experience, introducing you to the most enjoyable routes and beautiful view points Table Mountain has to offer.

Over the years our guided Table Mountain hikes have become ever so popular and our team has grown. At Hike Addicts we are lucky enough to have an amazing team of Table Mountain hiking guides, each and everyone so passionate about what we do and where we hike.

Roles and responsibilities

• A guide will liaise with you and pair you with a hike according to you expectations, experience and fitness levels.
• Our guides are trained to assist you in various situations, from changing climates to a struggling hiker.
• Check and access the weather reports in advance, this may result in changes to routes and times.
• Extensive knowledge and experience provides you with a safer and more fulfilling experience on Table Mountain.
• Years on the mountain will introduce you to the most enjoyable routes and beautiful lookout spots Table Mountain has to offer.

All Table Mountain hiking guides at Hike Addicts are registered at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and are trained under the Cathsetta regulation as accredited mountaineering guides. Let our guides show you the way.

Do you need a guide to hike Table Mountain?

A question asked by many wanting to conquer a Table Mountain hike.

I guess all round this would really depend on your knowledge and what you want to get out of your Table Mountain hiking experience. Although Table Mountain is hiked by many without a guide, these hikers are usually locals, some with decades of experience and an understanding of Table Mountain’s environmental hazards.

Hike Addicts best answer:

‘We do not recommend anyone hiking Table Mountain without someone experienced for the first time. If you are unfamiliar with the routes, are unable to access weather reports and do not know what to do and who to call in an emergency, I think it is pretty safe to say you will need a guide.’

Choosing a guide or hiking company

There are several companies offering guided hikes up to the top of Table Mountain. We suggest choosing one with predominately Table Mountain experience and good recommendations and reviews. Do your research – we admire the local ones. Table Mountain hiking guides should always have certification on them and don’t hesitate to ask to see it if you are feeling unsure about your guide or operator.

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Ask us, we here to help. Our Table Mountain hiking guides are happy to assist and help plan your hike.

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