Scrambling on Table Mountain

Scrambling on Table Mountain is fun and adventurous, but it is important to know what you are getting into. Scrambling is a common term often used when describing many Table Mountain hiking routes.

So, what is Scrambling?

Hike Addicts best answer: ‘Scrambling is the middle ground between hiking and climbing, and consists of using your hands and feet to get over rocks. You use your hands to balance or pull yourself up when passing over more challenging terrains.’

To say scrambling is like easy climbing would be a pretty close explanation, but it is important to note that scrambling is not rock climbing and you do not need to have any rock-climbing experience nor do you need any technical rock-climbing gear.  Scrambling adds a little excitement and adventure into your Table Mountain hike. Below are more details on the specific scrambles on the Table Mountain hiking routes we offer:

Skeleton Gorge Scramble

Skeleton Gorge Scrambling

Using your hands to stabilize yourself over small rocks when crossing the rocky river bed. No exposure to heights. We like to refer to this as a minor scramble.

Lions Head Scramble

Lions Head Scrambling

An easy climb up a steep rock section, there are staples, and small chains used to aid hikers up the rock face, there is some exposure to heights but nothing too extreme. A slight detour will take you an alternate way using ladders if one does not wish to scramble up the rock face.

India Venster Scramble

India Venster Scrambling

An easy climb over some steep rock faces, using grooves in the rocks or staples installed to aid hikers. There is some exposure to heights here, but nothing too extreme. If you really don’t have a head for heights, it is best to consult with your guide prior to the hike.