There are various options to choose from when going to a game reserve near Cape Town. Travelling times and distances to Cape Town safari destinations vary depending on which game reserve you choose to visit. There are big 5 game reserves as close as 180 km away, or simply a 2 hour drive. The Game Reserves offer day tours and overnight stays in a range of different accommodation from the luxurious to the more affordable options. Most game reserves near Cape Town are less glamorous and less populated than the extended safaris in the Kruger National park, but they still offer a high standard safari experience. Game reserves in the Eastern Cape will most definitely give the Kruger a run for their money.

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All of the safaris we offer are on private game reserves, which means that they do not open their gates to public vehicles.

Our safaris from Cape Town are found in the Klein Karroo, Garden route and a little further up the coast to the Eastern Cape.




On this day tour you will join 2 safaris on a private game reserve just outside Cape Town. The big 5 game drives will take place in a 4×4 safari vehicle and a quad bike. This combo safari near Cape Town is 2 hours away, by road.
R 3060


On this day tour you will join 2 safaris on a private game reserve just outside Cape Town. The big 5 game drives will take place in a 4×4 safari vehicle and a quad bike. This combo safari near Cape Town is 2 hours away, by road.
R 4420


This Cape Town safari takes you to a private big 5 game reserve. Here you will join 2 safari drives one will be in a 4×4 and the other on horseback. This Safari is near Cape Town and is only 2 hours you two hours away, by road.
R 4420




On this safari you will see even more wildlife than the one day Cape Town safari tour. You can take part in multiple safaris, exciting activates and spend the night at the lodge. This safari is near Cape Town is 2 hours away, by road.
 R1705 per person


An overnight safari near Cape Town which is a little more intimate and offers big 5 game drives and various accommodation options. The private luxury tents are truly the ultimate experience. This safari from Cape Town is 2.5 hours away, by road.
R 2510 per person


Sanbona is a big 5 safari wildlife reserve that will blow your mind. The closest free roaming big 5 safari from Cape Town and home to the only self-sustaining white lions. This safari near Cape Town is 3 hours away, by road.
 R6575 per person




This big 5 game reserve offers luxurious accommodation and great activities. The lodge boasts an incredible setting and looks over the Langeberg and Outiniqua mountains. The safari from Cape Town is 4 hours away, by road.
 R 3515 per person


This is the closest Garden Route safari from Cape Town. The lodge is set against the backdrop of the Langeberg mountain range and overlooks the landscapes of the reserve. This safari from Cape Town is 3.5 hours away, by road.
R 1515 per person


This safari is set on the foothills of the Ontiniqua Mountains. Botlierskop is known to have one of the most beautiful tented camps on the Garden Route. The safari from Cape Town is 4.5 hours away, by road.
R 2905 per person 




This high end safari offers you an ultimate experience in every aspect. The exclusive private game reserve offers 5 star lodges and superb game drives. The safari from Cape Town is 8.5 hours away, by road or fly into Port Elizabeth.
 R7115 per person 


Another exclusive Game reserve in the Eastern Cape offering high standard safaris and luxury accommodation in a truly beautiful African setting. The safari from Cape Town is 9 hours away, by road or fly into Port Elizabeth.
R6965 per person 


A more intimate safari at an exclusive private Game Reserve. With 11 luxury tented suites and colonial manner takes you back in time. An extraordinary 5 star, with true romance and a personal effect.
 R13500 per person


Safaris in and around Cape Town are malaria free. Unlike the Kruger National Park, where you need to take anti-malaria medication before you can visit South Africa. Malaria is a serious illness that is caused by malaria mosquitos. Statistics show, that a lot of people with malaria died because if the illness. Making it so much safer to go on a safari near Cape Town.

Choosing a Safari

Choosing a safari near Cape Town will depend on time, budget and the overall experience you are expecting. Cape Town game reserves are not as populated as the game reserves in the Eastern Cape, but they are less expensive and are in close proximity to the city. Cape Town safaris offer overnight stays and the safaris can be done in just one day. If you are willing to venture away from Cape Town you will find more superior safari experiences along the Garden Route in more glamorous accommodation. For an ultimate 5 star safari experience, the game reserves in the Eastern Cape offer exclusive safari packages a and better selection of wildlife.

Children on Safari

Children are allowed on all of our safaris near Cape Town. Generally children under the age or 4 years are not allowed on the game drives and are generally not charged to stay in the room. Children aged 4 -11 are allowed on game drives and usually pay a child rate at the game reserve. This rule applies at most game reserves near Cape Town but may differ slightly from one game reserve to the other. The Game reserves also have special children programs and child miners.

The Wildlife

On a safari near Cape Town, you will have the opportunity see a huge variety of wildlife. When you are on a big 5 safari it does not necessarily mean you will spot each one of the big 5, but it does mean that the big 5 live in the game reserve and you do have a chance to see them. Therefore the more game drives you take part in, the more chance you will have to see the magnificent big 5 and other wildlife. The superior game reserves are more populated and have a larger variety of wildlife compared to the smaller game reserves in the Cape Town area. The Big 5 animals are the elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, and leopard for those that don’t know. You will also see other animals like the giraffe, cheetah, Black rhino, eland, leopard, jackals, herds of antelope, buffaloes, a variety of buck and much more. There are also a large number of birds that you can see during the safari.

Cape Town Safaris

A Cape Town safari offers you the chance to see the big 5 and other incredible South African wildlife without venturing up country on extended safari packages. These Cape Town safari destinations do offer big 5 safari drives, but the game reserves are nowhere near as populated as the game reserves in the Eastern Cape or the Kruger. The closest game reserves to Cape Town are Aquila and Inverdoorn. Both of these private game reserves are run under the same organisation and offer similar safaris. The game reserves are 10,000 hectares and are home to the big 5. Although these Cape Town safaris aren’t as populated as the ones up country they still offer good quality safari drives and exciting experiences.

Garden Route Safaris

Safaris on the Garden route offer a more exclusive safari experience than the Cape Town safaris. These safaris are not as populated as the Eastern Cape and the Kruger, but they have high standard safari drives and incredible South African wildlife. The game reserves are located just off the Garden Route and are ideal for anybody travelling up the Garden Route to various destinations. The Garden Route Game Reserve’s house beautiful lodges and provide luxury accommodation options in a unique setting.

Eastern Cape Safaris

Safaris in the Eastern Cape are far more superior to the Cape Town safaris and some of the game reserves near Cape Town. The Eastern Cape Game Reserves are more populated and offer exclusive experiences. The Eastern Cape houses some of the best game reserves in South Africa, some of which have won multiple awards and have a spectacular variety of wildlife roaming the populated landscapes. Many of these game reserves offer 5 star safari packages, high standard safari drives and exclusive accommodation. The game reserves are relatively close to Cape Town and you can fly into Port Elizabeth Airport in just a couple hours or drive up along South Africa’s scenic Garden Route in 8 – 9 hours.

Getting there

There are multiple ways to get to the game reserve from Cape Town and there are various travel options to choose from. Nearby airports and well maintained roads make travelling to the game reserves easy and cost effective. Each of the game reserves provide transfers from Cape Town and nearby airports.

Private vs Public Game Reserves

Private Game Reserves mean that the game reserves are not open to the public and the safari drives take place in their own vehicles with an experienced ranger. The advantage of private game reserves is that the safaris are small and intimate. (kambioeyewear) At public game reserves you can drive your own vehicle and explore the game reserves at your own digression. Public game reserves can become over crowded at key locations and it is not unheard of to have an excess of 40 or more vehicle at spotting locations.