Cape Town’s long street

If you were in Cape Town before, you will know that there are a huge variety of activities that you can enjoy and things that you can see that are unique and different. Thinks like Robben Island, Boulders beach, and even Lions head. Long street is one of these things that you should experience during your Cape Town visit.
The thing about Long street is that this is really a long street that are running through the heart of Cape Town. This is a popular tourist attraction, especially at night. But, if you aren’t a nightlife person, you can still visit this street and enjoy everything it has to offer. With this article, you will know everything there is to know about Long street in Cape Town, and you will make sure that you are searching for this street once you are in Cape Town, South Africa.

History of Long street in Cape Town
There are many talks about the history of Long Street. The only thing is that not many people really know that is the truth and what is just tales about the street. There are even some tales that there are hauntings in Long Street because of the age of some of these buildings. But, there are no evidence or proof of these tales.
Because Long street is in the heart of Cape Town, this is also one of the oldest streets in Cape Town. The street is known from the early 1800’s. This was the road that was in the center of Cape Town. The street is more than 20 blocks long and is also known as one of the longest streets in South Africa. You will need to have a full day, just to walk through the street and enjoying the shops and restaurants on the street.
The Noor el Hameida Mosque is one of two mosques on Long Street. This is a tourist attraction as well; can you can visit it without any problems. The mosque was built in 1884. Most of these buildings are Victorian-era buildings that are known for their unique architecture and buildings. Most of these buildings are still original buildings that were just renovated to ensure that the buildings are staying as original as possible, without causing any damage.

Why is Long Street so different from other streets in Cape Town?
There are so many streets in Cape Town that are great to stroll in. Why is Long Street so different and why is such a popular street in Cape Town?
First of all, this is the longest street in Cape Town. It is also one of the oldest streets in Cape Town, and it is running through the heart of Cape Town. The street has everything that you as a tourist might want. From restaurants, nightclubs, shopping and so much more. This is a great place to just stroll through the street, enjoying the old buildings, the history of the buildings and choosing from a variety of food. It doesn’t really matter if this is day or night, the street is always full activities. The only way to experience Cape Town fully, you need to take a day and get to know this street. Then, you will know why Long Street is so different from all the other streets in Cape Town.
This is also the heart of Cape Town’s nightlife. From nightclubs, bars, and even fancy restaurants. This is the busiest part of the city at night where young and old is having some fun. And, during festive seasons, this is even getting busier and the atmosphere is getting even better.

Reasons why you should make sure that you are visiting Long street
With the beach, Table Mountain, Lion’s head and Robben Island, you might be wondering why you should walk through a street. Something that you can do anywhere. There are a couple of reasons why you should make sure that you have time for Long Street. This is just as popular as the other mentioned attractions.
The atmosphere in the street is great. The holiday vibe is throughout the street. It doesn’t matter if you are walking in the street at night or during the day. The vibe will always be great. You can feel the atmosphere of fun, relaxation, and excitement the moment that you arrive in the street.
The restaurants. You will find your favorite restaurant in this street. No matter what your favorite food might be. There are formal restaurants, casual restaurants, and great take away places. Finding food on this street isn’t going to be a problem at all.
Besides the restaurant and the atmosphere, the other reason why you should visit this street is all the landmarks that you can enjoy. Long Street Baths are just to name one of the landmarks that you can find in Long Street. And, then we don’t even talk about all the historical buildings in Long Street.
Shopping experience. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a special, something unique or just a souvenir for a loved one at home, Long Street will have it. You don’t need to drive from one mall to the other to find what you are looking for. You will get it all in this street.

Long street at night
When you think about the streets at night, the one thing that you might be thinking is that the streets are empty and all the shops are closed. But, not when you are in Long Street at night. With all the restaurants and the nightclubs, there is no sign that Long Street is close and quiet at night.
Long Street is just as busy during the night as during the day. The only difference is that there are some of the shopping stores that are closing normal hours. If you are looking for some action at night in Cape Town, just head to Long Street for a stroll, or for eating a great meal. Or, you can choose one of the nightclubs found in the street and party the night away. These are some of the nightclubs that you can find in Long Street, Cape Town:

  • The Waiting Room
  • The Dubliner
  • Fiction

Long street restaurants
Long Street restaurants are really popular. This is because there is something for everyone. You don’t need to struggle to find something favorite to eat. You will find it in Long Street. This is one of the reasons why this street is so popular and busy. Especially at night. Then, everyone is looking for a great meal and, they know that it can be found in Long Street.
It is interesting to see the different restaurants that can be found in Long Street. These are a couple of the restaurants that you can dine at, that is situated in Long Street.

  • Mama Africa
  • Masala Dosa Restaurant
  • Long Street Café
  • L’Apero, Grand Daddy Hotel’s restaurant
  • Royale Eatery

Shopping in Long street
Yes, most of the shopping stores in Long Street is clothing stores. But, you need to know that you can get a real bargain or two at these clothing stores. This is because of the large variety of clothing stores that you can find. Brand name clothing, cheaper clothing, and even boutiques. These are all type of clothing stores that you can find in Long Street.
However, it is also really important to know that there are more than just clothing stores in Long Street. There are some interesting stores as well, where you can purchase a souvenir or two. If you don’t like clothes shopping, don’t just skip Long Street. You will be disappointed. These are some of the stores that you can find in Long Street.

  • Pan African Market
  • VapeMOB Long Street
  • The Long Street Antique Arcade
  • Ska Clothing Long Street
  • Clarkes Bookshop

There are great accommodation options near Long Street
If you want to stay near Long Street so that you can have lots of fun at night, then you don’t need to worry at all. There are a huge variety of accommodation options near this street. Options that are ranging from expensive and luxurious to affordable.
The only problem with the accommodation in the city center is that you will not be able to enjoy quiet nights. The city is always busy, and getting a night rest, if you don’t like noise is going to be hard. You should also make sure that you are making your bookings in advance if you want to stay in a hotel near Long Street. This is because these hotels are fully booked most part of the year. Making it hard to get accommodation on short notice.
Why is everyone making a fuss about Long Street in Cape Town? Isn’t this just another street in the city that you can visit and do shopping at? This might be a question that you are asking, but one thing you need to know. Long Street is nothing like any other street in Cape Town. And, you most definitely can’t leave Cape Town and South Africa without a visit to this long, but great street.

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