Information on the Table Mountain cable car

Table Mountain cable car

The Table Mountain cable car in Cape Town is one of the oldest, fastest means of getting up Table Mountain. It enables hikers to get up the mountain while avoiding rugged, rough terrain. Since its inception, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has continued to evolve, consistently providing tourists with thrilling experiences.

Here’s some information on the cable car on Table Mountain…

Table Mountain cable car tickets and crowds

Summer is peak tourist season for Table Mountain in Cape Town and warm summer days are ideal for a cable car trip. The downside is that there are often long queues at the Cableway. There are different ticket options and Cape Town tourists can purchase tickets for rides in the morning or the afternoon.

Mornings tend to be more crowded at the Table Mountain Cableway. Unsurprisingly, weekends and public holidays also typically attract more people. Visitors flock to the Table Mountain cable car in December normally, while January, February and March are less busy but still hot. The air is a lot cooler on top of the mountain. When the “tablecloth” cloud hovers over it, the air becomes cold, misty and/or dewy.

At the Table Mountain top

Once you reach the top of Table Mountain, pop in at the Table Mountain Café. You can have a breakfast, lunch or something from the gourmet deli, refuelling for your return to ground level. There is also a Wi-Fi Lounge where you can recharge electrical devices, check your email and the like. It’s enjoyable to have a bite to eat as you kick back and enjoy majestic views from the Table Mountain Cableway Wi-fi Lounge balcony.

The Table Mountain cable car in Cape Town regularly offers promo specials. These deals make it possible for tourists on a budget to enjoy a magically scenic ride without breaking the bank. Note that the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway closes during annual maintenance periods and when weather conditions are poor.

Table Mountain WiFi Lounge
The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway WiFi Lounge.

Table Mountain Cableway tours

Table Mountain tours never fail to impress. They provide excitement, adventure, fun and beautiful sightings. There are a number of available hikes and tours on Table Mountain. These may be divided at the tour operator’s discretion into various hiking routes and excursions and include cable car rides. Either way, you are bound to have a great time. You can complete a Table Mountain tour in just a few hours on half-day tours.

It is no secret that tourists can buy their own Table Mountain tickets and make their way up the mountain in the Table Mountain cable car without any assistance. However, if you want to get the most out of your aerial ride, then taking a guided tour is a better option. With a professional Table Mountain guide, you can learn about the mountain and its Mother City. Of course, you also get to not worry about planning.

Table Mountain is not just another mountain, just as Cape Town is not just another city. There are numerous fascinating things that make the mountain and city unique. These include rare indigenous flora and fauna, ancient rock formations and a rich history. To maximise our Table Mountain cable car tours, we pair them with experiences in other Cape Town tourist destinations, such as Cape Point and the Cape Winelands.

If you’re not going to be hiking up Table Mountain, then you are going by cable car. And if you’re going to be doing either, then consider a guided tour through Hike Addicts. Our tours are hassle-free and a guide escorts you professionally, sharing knowledge, telling stories and revealing interesting Table Mountain facts.

Getting to the Table Mountain Cableway station

Tourists to Table Mountain for Cape Town hiking and Table Mountain cable car tours in peak season may drive their own vehicles. Driving in the city is simple. The roads, while quite narrow, are easy to navigate and the signs are clear. Table Mountain stands out from anywhere in Cape Town. You may want to think about using alternative transport, though, to avoid the issues of traffic congestion and limited parking.

The MyCiTi bus is a good alternative transport option. It runs to the Corner of Kloof Nek and Table Mountain Road every half hour. Check out the MyCiTi bus timetables here. Uber, which has really taken off in Cape Town, is another option and it takes you straight to the Table Mountain Cableway station. You can download the app here. Finally, you have the options of meter taxis and guided Table Mountain tours.

Taking a guided tour is the best way to go about getting to the Table Mountain cable station. Tour companies provide hands-on information, tipping you on the dos, don’ts and musts. Additionally, they know the best times to go, where to park and usually have a few secret little tricks. Touring buses and some shuttle services have special permits that allow pick-ups, drop-offs and parking right outside the cable car station.

Table Mountain Cableway station
The Table Mountain Lower Cableway Station.

Table Mountain cable car parking

There is parking outside the Table Mountain Cableway station along the side of road the entire way. That is, with the exception of some corners and dedicated areas in close proximity.

There are another two parking lots at the bottom of Tafelberg Road, as you turn off Kloof Nek. It’s a somewhat lengthy walk to the lower cable car station from here but it’s worth it if it is late in the day and traffic is building up. The parking area is about 1.5 km (1 mile) from the station and it’s an uphill walk. There is, however, a free shuttle that runs between this parking lot and the cable car station every 20 minutes.

Early morning, before a hike and the station opens, there is plenty of parking. Hiking up Table Mountain and taking the Table Mountain cable car is recommended by Hike Addicts. Contact us for more information.