Table Mountain Restaurant
The Table Mountain restaurant is called the “Table Mountain Cafe” and is a well-received, much appreciated stop off after your long hike to the top. This is indeed a great way to relax and enjoy an energising meal and beverage before you head back down. The buffet style allows you a self-service dining experience.

There is ample seating inside and outside the café and you can choose to dine indoors or alfresco. The Table Mountain restaurant introduces guests to a delightful dining experience whilst being 1086 m above sea level. To run the restaurant is no walk in the park as it is only accessible by cable car or hike, so although this unique restaurant has its challenges, it is still one of a kind and loved throughout its time.

A brief overview of the food process:
While it is a challenge to keep food fresh and tasty, space is limited. The Table Mountain restaurant thus works with the lower cable station on a daily basis. The food is prepped at the lower cable station and then sent up via the cable car, most of which is already done early before the restaurant opens in the morning. Food and beverages are then ready to enjoy in the cafe and it cuts a bit back on preparation time once you’ve placed your order.

Furthermore, the Table Mountain restaurant is always bustling with visitors and this is why staff numbers can increase on low peak days from 15 to 20, whilst during peak times can increase to 30.

The Table Mountain restaurant caters for everyone and the menu looks a bit like this:
Breakfast is served in the morning from open time at 8:00am until 11:30am. The breakfast menu includes muffins and pastries, pizza (great for those who don’t prefer oats and cereals), as well as a seasonal cold and hot buffet selection.

Lunch is served from 11:30am onward and it consists of a variety light meals which include but are not limited to pies (chicken or ostrich), roast chicken, beef or lamb, hot veg, fresh fruit and salad as well as the chef’s special.
The Table Mountain restaurant also has a beverage menu with hot and cold beverages including beers and drafts. There is also an exclusive wine list, as well as a kids menu, pensioner’s menu, and a student group package.

The kitchen closes at 16:00. The cafe’s closing times vary and usually close 30 minutes before the last car leaves. Closing times during March at 19:30, April 19:00 and May through to August the closing times are 17:30.

When it comes to purchasing souvenirs and other great items, to take home, you’ll find these curious shops to be the perfect place. Shops include the Visitor’s Centre which is packed with insightful information and items to purchase, The Shop at the Top is a large store right next to Table Mountain Restaurant and The Little Shop at the Top can be found closer to the cable station. The Exit Shop is your last chance to make a purchase before you leave and it is located right at the lower cable station. The Kiosk shop also has some treats and snacks to purchase on your way up or as you leave.


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