Thousands of international tourists are visiting South Africa for their Safaris. There are many other countries that also have safaris, but according to reviews and research, no safari comes close to South Africa. It is interesting to know why this is such a popular country to go to if you are looking for a safari experience.

There is just something unexplainable about being in nature, so close to the animals. These are some of the interesting information, and facts about South African safaris. And, why this is something that you should experience as soon as possible.

South Africa and Safaris are like peanut butter and jelly

You know that Italy and pasta go together. And, Las Vegas and fun go together. So, does South Africa and safaris go together? Just like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t do the one without the other one.

South Africa has unique animals that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. We are talking about the giraffe, the lion, and even the ostrich. Yes, you can go to most zoos and you will see them up close. However, it just isn’t the same thing as seeing them in the wild. In their own habitat. Experience nature. Experience in South Africa.

Many tourists are going to South Africa just for a South African safari. And, they don’t regret any moment of it. This is worth the traveling. Something that you will not experience anywhere else.

Safari tour South Africa

Great family holidays and a learning experience for children

There are so many countries and holiday destinations that are more for adults and teenagers than for younger children. This can become a problem when you are looking for a holiday destination if you have younger children.

With South African safari holidays, you don’t need to worry about your children. This is a great adventure for them as well as for you. Not only will they see animals that they will never see again, but they will see it in the animal’s natural habitat. They will have fun and will learn at the same time. You as a parent will not need to feel guilty, because you are enjoying your holiday, while your child is at home with a nanny. This is genuine a great change for a family holiday, where everyone is going to have as much fun as possible.

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Huge variety safaris to choose from

It doesn’t matter if you are on holiday in Cape Town, KwaZulu Natal or in Mpumalanga. You will be able to enjoy a true South African safari. Because the Kruger National Park is the most popular and well-known park in Africa, people think that this is the only place where you can book a safari holiday.

However, this isn’t the truth. Everywhere in South Africa, you can book a safari holiday and enjoy everything that Africa is offering you. Those that are visiting the most popular city, Cape Town, will still be able to experience wildlife with the safari options that it is available in the area.

Reasons why South Africa is popular for its safaris

We have already mentioned a couple of reasons why South Africa is popular for its safaris, but there are many other reasons why you, as an international tourist, should consider planning and booking a holiday at one of the most popular safaris.

It doesn’t really matter what time of year you are visiting South Africa, you will be able to enjoy a safari holiday. There are people that are saying that the winter months (May to August) is the best time to see wildlife, but this isn’t completely the truth.

It just depends on the area that you are planning to visit and to go on a safari. For example, during the winter months, it is more recommended that you are visiting the Kruger National Park. This is cooler then than during the summer. However, a safari tour during the summertime in Cape Town is the more preferable. This is because winter time in Cape Town can get really cold and uncomfortable at a safari.

You can go on as many safaris as possible, and you will have a unique experience every time. There will not be a single day that will be the same as the previous day.  Each day, you will have the potential to see different animals and enjoy a different experience. You can travel throughout South Africa, go on different safaris and see as much as possible about this great country. An experience that you will never forget.

Cheetah Safari South Africa

The Big 5

Everyone knows about the Big 5 or has heard about the Big 5. For those that don’t really know exactly what we are talking about, this is the Biggest 5 animals in Africa (and South Africa) that can only be found in Africa. However, they are also known as the five animals that hunters see as the top 5 most dangerous animals in Africa.  The animals that we are talking about is:

The African Lion


The African Elephant

The Cape Buffalo

The African Leopard

Sadly, most of the Big 5 is also endangered and might not live long enough to show our grandchildren one day. Then, they might just see them in picture books.

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Kruger National Park

When you are thinking about South Africa and safaris, the first place that came to mind for most people is the Kruger National Park. Not only is this the biggest nature reserve in South Africa, but it is also the biggest nature reserve in Africa. This is why so many people only think that South Africa has only this nature reserve to go for safaris.

However, there are really a great number of nature reserves, where you can go to for the best safari experience. Cape Town, for example, has more than one nature reserve and private nature reserves where you can get a great safari experience as well.

This is it doesn’t matter where in South Africa you are going on holiday, with a bit of research you will find a nature reserve where you can book a safari and have the best time ever.

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Interesting and weird information about animals that you can find in South Africa

South Africa is an exciting country, with animals that have some interesting facts about them. Facts that we don’t really thinking about or knowing about. Those tourists that are going on their first South African safari, or that doesn’t know much about the South African animals, will love these interesting and weird information about the animals.

We know that there are two basic elephant species in the world. The African elephant and the Asian elephants. But, do you really know what the difference between these two species is? Most people will say that the African elephant has bigger ears. And, this is right, but there is another way to recognize an African elephant. If their ears are completely open, you will see that their ears are in the shape of the African continent.

Most of us find giraffes really interesting animals. Their long necks and the way that they are walking, drinking water and taking care of their babies. However, there is one thing that you might not know about them. They have dark blue tongues. Not many of us are able to see their tongues because they are so high, but this is the truth. They have dark blue tongues. Something that you will not find in many other animals.

Not only is an ostrich a bird that can’t fly at all, but there is other interesting information about them as well. If you have a large family and need to buy a lot of eggs for breakfast, then purchasing one ostrich egg just might be the trick. One ostrich egg has the same volume as 24 chicken eggs. And, those of you that think that an ostrich isn’t dangerous should think again. There are many reports of an ostrich that have kicked and killed grown men. They are really protective of their eggs and hatchlings, so they can become really dangerous and they run fast. Don’t think that you will be able to outrun them.

You are considering a South African safari. What now?

This might sound interesting to you and you are really considering going on a true South African safari. But what now? How do you decide when and where to go? With all the different options, it can get frustrated to decide which nature reserve you should go to.

One thing that you should consider, is the time of year that you are going. As said before different provinces have different weather. You are using the time of year that you are going to South Africa as a guide to where you are going.

South Africa, safaris, the big 5, great weather and an experience of a lifetime. This is what most people think when they are thinking about South Africa. And, they are right. You can’t come to South Africa without experience everything that South Africa has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the Kruger National Park or a private nature reserve in Cape Town. You will have an experience that you will never forget. And, you will look different to the animals of Africa.