When is the Best Time to tour Cape Town?

Sometimes we could all simply do with a decent holiday. With a busy lifestyle and constantly having to adapt to various forms of stress doesn’t give anyone the time to just stop for a moment and relax. So, if you’re feeling that you’re long overdue for that much deserved holiday, [...]

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Table Mountain hike times

Let’s talk about the Table Mountain hike times and distances. There are many travellers that simply want to tick this adventure off the bucket list and get up Table Mountain as quickly as possible and fair enough to you, any route is better than taking [...]

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Hiking Cape Town 

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s capital cities and must be one of the greatest hiking destinations in the world. When it comes to the intriguing diversity of […]

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Hiking Table Mountain to the 5 dams

Hiking Table Mountain to the 5 dams is wonderful experience. Many people who live in Cape Town, don’t even know that that these dams exist and that Table Mountain is in fact home to 5 dams that were built long ago for water supply to the region. […]

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